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"We want you guys to be healthy, so don’t buy any packaged food"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *buys a pack of those little sugar donut things”

We’re studying the slasher genre of horror films for media studies and our homework is to watch a couple of the classics and ohmygod the acting is so bad it’s hilarious

I’ve got half of my second panel done whoop whoop


Choosing subjects for next year is really hard and nerve wracking because if I pick the wrong ones I could completely fuck up my life

I just thought I had lost the 2.5GB of edited files for my photography portfolio

Holy shit that was scary

screamsfromthetardis replied to your post “My photography portfolio is due at the end of next week and I still…”

you wont become gregory nolan with that attitude (is this motivational idk)

this is very motivational, thank you

two people on tumblr in the same room: go look at this thing i just reblogged

My photography portfolio is due at the end of next week and I still have to do a whole panel but I have zero motivation

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me: *feels productive when I catch up on tv shows*


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